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"In September 2016 I became severely ill.  Doctors had diagnosed me with vertigo.  3 Chiropractors, 2 ENTs and a neurologist I was finally diagnosed with Upper Cervical and Spine issues.  I was told my Atlas was off and my spine was crooked.  I searched the internet for an Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor.  I had an appointment in Brookfield that would have costed me $500 for one-time treatment where he only believed in treating the Atlas, but I had Atlas and several vertebrae out of place in my spine.  At this point I had been out of work for several months.  Pain and worry that was unexplainable.  At this point no one was able to help me.  Then I finally came across Dr. Jarchow who unlike others got me in immediately at a beyond reasonable price.  It’s just unbelievable that the Atlas and spine could do this to somebody.  He was the only one that believed that treating the Atlas and spine was the best result.   OH boy was he right!!  After 2 Atlas treatments and Dr. Jarchow working on my spine the pain finally started to go away.  Still having a little anxiety from living 5 months in excruciating pain, fear and pacing the room, but every day it is getting better.  Also was able to return to work.  Not only did Dr. Jarchow fix my Atlas, he also is working on my spine.  I truly thought my life was over, but he saved me.  He was my friend, my therapist, my life coach and the World’s Best Chiropractor."  Vina   3/15/2017

"The Dr who saved my life!

Back in November I had a very bad fall that resulted in a concussion. In the beginning I had MRIs and CAT scans that confirmed everything was fine, and I just needed to give it time to heal.

Weeks went by, and I was patiently waiting to get better.  I would have good days and bad days, but I was confused more times than not, and stressing out as more and more time was passing without me being able to return to work.  Rather than improving, I got worse.  I woke up one day with my face twitching and jerking.  The jerking only occurred on the right side of my face, and I instantly thought they missed something.  I started crying, thinking I was having a stroke, but then it just stopped. 

I got through the holidays, but I was in and out of it, and I only remember bits and pieces of my children opening presents.  
I continued to attempt to rest my brain, but a few weeks later, I got even worse.  I started having seizures.  They started out small, and then went into full facial seizures, where I could not talk or move my arms.  My husband and my sister, rushed me to the ER. I was admitted to the hospital, where I had an EEG, as well as every test imaginable for my brain.  I was told that the seizures could be stress related (I was under a lot of stress from being out of work, and my grandma had passed away during that time, which the doctors thought could be adding to my stress).  I was put on seizure medication, and sent home.
I went about eight days without a seizure. However, on the 8th day, the seizures returned, but now I was having anywhere from 5 to 15 seizures a day. 
The seizures got so bad that I was in bed all day.  My husband had to become mom and dad to our five children.  I was no longer allowed to drive.   I couldn’t dismiss the seizures as being related to stress,  I knew my grandma was with my grandpa and in a better place.  
I kept searching for answers, going from doctor to doctor, and in and out of emergency rooms until one day when I was explaining to an emergency room Dr. how my son has had epilepsy since he was a baby (he has been seizure free for two years) but the Dr asked me if I was in fact copying my son.  If you have ever witnessed your child having a seizure you know it is the scariest thing ever. I was in shock he would even ask me that and I ended up walking right out of the hospital. After that comment I gave up and lost all hope. 

I knew I had seen every Dr. and if they are all telling me that this was all they could do then maybe I had to just accept it . I stayed in bed most days, I missed my kids so bad, I missed my daughters dance competition, my son's wrestling meets and even ate dinner in my room most nights as I didn't want to my children to witness me having a seizure. 

Then I got a call from a friend telling me I had to see her Chiropractor. My immediate thought was I can't go. I lost all my hope and I just can't hear another Dr. tell me there is nothing they can do. I was also out of work for three months at this point and I just couldn't afford one more copay. Even without money being an issue I honestly thought I have been to top Neurologists so if they can't fix me how is a chiropractor going to. I was just starting to tell myself that this was my life now and I needed to accept it so I told her I absolutely did not want to get my hopes up again.

She did not take no for an answer and she made me an appointment for the next day. Well that day came and I called and canceled the appointment. I was more worried about being let down again and I knew I could not risk another disappointment so I felt it was easier if I just didn't go. My friend called me the next day and said "I made you another appointment and I am picking you up to make sure you go!"  So... I surrendered and said okay i'll go. I still have the text I sent to my sister that said 90% this won't do anything and 10% maybe it will at least make my neck feel better.

I went to the next appointment as I had no choice with my friend waiting in my driveway to take me.  I remember seeing Dr. Jarchow for the first time in the waiting room. He was walking another patient out and I heard him say to that patient as he left "Remember I'm on your side" 
Till this day I still never told him this but those words meant so much to me. I thought even if he can't fix me that is all I need is a Dr. who is on my side. 

I was called back and Dr Jarchow started out by giving me an x ray of my neck. Up until this point, every other doctor had only scanned my brain.  I will never forget the moment he hit the light switch and brought up my x-rays, pointing to the problem and telling me he could fix me!  I was still in disbelief, but there it was, literally in black and white, showing me my Atlas was off course.

When I fell from the concussion my atlas in my neck had shifted pinching the main nerve that sent signals to my brain! This is where the seizures were coming from! This is where my eye pain and ear pain and feeling of twitching down my arms and tiredness and everything else was coming from! I remember thinking that this could not be real. I thought maybe it's someone else's x rays or something because I just could not believe how this was missed!

He told me to lay on the atlas orthogonal table and he put an instrument on my neck that moves your atlas using percussive force. I did as he said and he moved my atlas off the nerve without even placing his hands on me. I sat up and he pressed on a spot that I felt the most pain and as he pressed on it the pain was gone. 

Have you have ever watched a very good magician preform a magic trick and thought to yourself how is that possible? Well that is exactly how I felt at that moment. I wanted to be happy but I was very confused how one second I could be in pain and the next I felt fine. I should mention that I am a very skeptical person so although I felt great I was just waiting for the pain to return. 

I went home trying not to get my hopes up.  I was actually waiting to have a seizure as at that point I was having them every single day. Hours went by and still no seizure! I made it thru the day, all night and to the next morning without one seizure and at that point I didn't care if I was disappointed later I let my guard down and I regained my hope!  

At the time I remember my family telling me that's great news but don't get too excited and I said you know what... even if it doesn't last just let me have these two days to think i'm better! I had just spent three months being so disappointed that I didn't care if I was let down I just wanted to soak up those two days of feeling happy!
I went to my next appointment and literally bear hugged Dr. Jarchow the second I saw him. He returned my bear hug with the professional Dr one pat on the back hug lol

I instantly started crying and told him he just SAVED MY LIFE! I took a letter out of my bag that I had previously written to my husband. On the front of the letter it said "If something happens to me read this, I LOVE YOU! " I told him I wrote it to my husband because I knew something was wrong and I feared if something happened to me that I had to leave a note so he knew my wishes for our children. I was that scared.

I told Dr. Jarchow  "You didn't just fix me you gave my children their mother back and my husband his wife back and most importantly you gave me my hope back and I can NEVER repay you for that and that's when Doc said come here and then he gave me the full out bear hug back that I first gave him!

This man is amazing! It has been weeks and I have not had one single seizure since! I am driving again and last weekend I went to my son's wrestling tournament and my daughters dance competition!  

Even if you are not having seizures but if you just have chronic pain go see him because just having a Dr. on your side means more than I could ever write in this letter. 

I wanted to write this in hopes that Dr. Jarchow can add it to his site so if anyone else is in my situation you can read this story. 
Dr. Jarchow believed in me when I no longer believed in myself and if it were not for my friend Cherie and Doc I would be filing for disability right now. I am a photographer and I absolutely LOVE what I do. It is not just my job but my passion. When I was having the seizures I was unable to move my arms and I honestly thought I would not be able to take pictures again. 

I am so happy to say that I just did four photoshoots this week and picking up that camera was the best feeling ever next to the look on my babies faces when I told them mommy was not sick anymore! 

I will never be able to repay this incredible man for what he has done for me! If you have ever doubted a chiropractor please just give it a try. You might just get your life back!"  Tia